Building a storeyed house on A 45x95ft plot

When Ali Sekate, a boda boda rider and a resident of Kitti village in Wakiso district, saved money to buy a plot of land, he bought one of 45x95ft. His friends asked him why he had settled for that small piece of land instead of a 50x100ft. He told them he was happy to ownRead More

How To Construct A Ring Beam To Hold Your House For Years

Beams are used in construction for a multitude of purposes. In our day-to-day construction of houses, beams are used to boost structural integrity of brick/block walls. Aaron Kulindi, a quantity surveyor, says structural stability is one of the most important factors to consider in construction. According to Kulindi for high-rise buildings, a lot of emphasisRead More

How To Select The Right Paint.

Painting is an easy, do-it-yourself task that not only enhances the appeal of a house, but also improves its salability, whether residential or commercial. Most people however remain in the dark regarding the factors they should consider when selecting the right paint for a house. We sought the expertise of industry insiders on the factorsRead More

How To Choose The Right Wallpaper For Your House

Wallpaper has evolved into a crucial part of interior design as a substitute to a coat of paint for covering and decorating walls in homes and offices among other places. The use of wallpaper dates back in the 17th century with simple hand painted and wood block printed pieces. The practice has over the centuriesRead More